Introducing your new best friend! The Serotta Legacy evolves with the ultimate alloy bicycle!

You and your Duetti. Sweet Harmony.


The perfect bike for the active road cyclist, Duetti is equally at home in a gran fondo, road race, training rides, or simply a long day in the saddle when the only pace that matters is the one you set. If most of your riding is on pavement with occasional outings on packed dirt or small chip gravel, Duetti is a model in cycling efficiency.


Starting at $3995 for a complete bike

The differences that separate a really good bicycle from a truly great one are usually found in the small details that define your own perfect bicycle. The one you are still thrilled to be riding at the century marker, on the fifth day of your ride week, five years from now. Your bike is your most reliable riding partner. What we mean is that what makes a great bike for one cyclist, doesn’t necessarily guarantee the same for someone else, like you for instance.

At the core of your Duetti is a perfect fit. Based on data from designing thousands of frames, Serotta will help you select from ten Duetti frame sizes designed to optimize comfort, inspired performance and balanced, confident handling. Next, Serotta will incorporate a component and color selection of your choosing to build you your ultimate ride.

Our commitment to a great fitting bike is what led Ben to select an exotic metal for the main frame material. Simply put, metals offer fewer design and fabrication constraints than high performance carbon allowing us to produce Duetti in so many truly distinct sizes. We chose the very rare 6069 vanadium-alloyed aluminum with which we were able to fully utilize our time-tested “Colorado” design parameters for a ride that is distinctly Serotta-esque: very responsive in the drive train, yet suitably supple for excellent cornering and all-day riding. Not surprisingly, we’ve partnered with the most experienced fabricator to handle Duetti’s unique construction process requirements, where after welding and heat treatment, we added a shot- peening process. First developed for military aircraft, it further increases lifespan by 300% or more. 

We guarantee, Duetti is not remotely like the other aluminum bike you may once have owned.









Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 8.41.38 AM.png



A Duetti can be built with various Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo component groups. They also come in 4 fantastic standard colors, as well as optional upcharge colors. Click the get started button, drop us a message and one of our product specialists will contact you. Don’t worry though, nothing is finalized until after you agree.


Geometry and fit can be very complicated, we know. Hopefully we can help you understand this when a Serotta Design Studio specialist is consulting with you. At that time you can provide more information on your fit requirements, your current bike fit and size and discuss info on getting a bike fit with an expert near you. In the mean time, here is our standard sizing.

TRADITIONAL SIZE EQUIVALENT 44/46 46/48 48/49 50/51 53/53 54/55 56 57/58 59/60 61/62 63/64
YOUR HEIGHT RANGE 58"- 62" 60"-64" 61"-65" 62"-66" 63"-67" 64"-68" 66"-70" 69"-73" 71"-75" 72"-76" 74"-78"
68.5cm 70cm 74cm 75cm 76.5cm 78cm 80cm 81.5cm 84cm 86cm 88.5cm
MIN/MAX SADDLE HEIGHT (CENTER BB TO TOP OF SADDLE) 57-72cm 59-74cm 61-76cm 62.5-77.5cm 64-79cm 65.5-80.5cm 67.5-82.5cm 69.5-84.5cm 71.5-86.5cm 73.5-83.5cm 76-91cm
STAND-OVER HEIGHT 67cm 68.5cm 72.5cm 73.5cm 75cm 76.5cm 78.5cm 80cm 82.5cm 84.5cm 87cm
SEAT TUBE LENGTH (CENTER BB TO TOP OF SEAT TUBE) 44cm 46cm 48cm 49.5cm 51cm 52.5cm 54.5cm 56.5cm 58.5cm 60.5cm 63cm
SEAT TUBE ANGLE 73° 73° 74.3° 74° 73.3° 73.3° 73° 73° 73° 73° 73°
EFFECTIVE TOP TUBE LENGTH 48cm 49cm 50cm 51cm 53cm 54.3cm 55.7cm 57cm 58cm 59cm 61cm
STANDARD STEM LENGTH 70mm 80mm 80mm 90mm 100mm 100mm 110mm 110mm 120mm 120mm 130mm
STANDARD BAR WIDTH 36cm 36cm 38cm 38cm 40cm 40cm 40cm 42cm 42cm 44cm 44cm
STANDARD CRANK LENGTH 165mm 165mm 165mm 165mm 170mm 170mm 170mm 172.5mm 172.5mm 175mm 177.5mm
STANDARD TIRE / RIM SIZE 25-559 25-559 25-622 25-622 25-622 25-622 28-622 28-622 28-622 28-622 28-622