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1. NOW, EVERY SEROTTA BICYCLE BEGINS WITH A PROFESSIONAL BIKE FIT! .... There is no magic algorithm for fitting a bicycle.  Every customer is different.  We recognized that years ago, and it is still true today.  No artificial intelligence or fancy technology can replace an experienced professional bike fitting technician making a thorough evaluation of you and your bike. 

Nor is there any amount of cycling exotica that makes up for a less than personalized fit. This is not fake news, it is fact.

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate riding experience, so why would we promote buying a personalized bicycle through a process that is based on a non personalized guesstimate from the Internet? (Hint: Others may, but we wouldn't.)

We believe this so strongly, that we include a complete and proper fitting (a $350+ value) with your new bike purchase. It’s not the only way to buy a bike …nor is it the fastest…., but it is the best way to achieve the ultimate cycling experience and for us to be certain that your personalized bicycle is just that.

2. WHEN YOUR NEW BICYCLE IS DELIVERED….You’ll have the opportunity engage in  a touch-up fit to complete the final assembly

3. OUT ON THE ROAD.... In order to keep your new bike running smoothly, we cover the cost of your break-in tune up!


Our aim is to be your partner on the road.  We are dedicated to you having a great cycling experience and will be there parting the wind for you with professional, live, one-on-one consultation with you and your bike.