Project 559

Project 559 is dedicated to the spirit that lives in the 25% of our population that is smaller, capable and equally determined, yet broadly underserved.

I may be small, but I am still a badass on the bike!

I may be small, but I am still a badass on the bike!

It’s pretty simple. Every cyclist can ride faster, farther and longer with greater confidence on a bike that fits- the cyclist is in an optimized position over the cranks, with weight distributed correctly over the wheels. For most cyclists, this can be accomplished with 700C wheels (the traditional standard size wheel on road bikes), but for cyclists who require a shorter cockpit, the optimal riding position is usually compromised in order to minimize overlap between the extended foot and front tire. The result, as you should expect, is a compromised cycling experience at best.

We’ve invested in our own proprietary disc compatible front fork and and custom HED wheelset (ISO 559) that are a full 30MM shorter in radius than a traditional size wheel so that we can place your body in optimal position for power, comfort and control.

We promise, there is no compromise in performance, only gain.