Fresh on the heels of it’s January 8 launch date, Serotta Design Studio (“SDS”) invites road cyclists to join its ambassador community.

Aimed at riders considering starting the season on a new Duetti or aModoMio bicycle, SDS will be accepting ambassador program applications through February 23. Individuals interested in being an Ambassador can submit an application via SDS’ application form.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the cycling industry, SDS founder/owner Ben Serotta believes in the importance and value that comes from being directly connected with the cycling community. The ambassador program seeks experienced riders, across a range of cycling activities from the club to Gran Fondo rider to USAC license holder. In addition to being visible “on the road,” Ambassadors will be active on social media and looking for a new platform to expand their circle, while highlighting their cycling activities.

“Ambassadors will be an invaluable two-way link in our communication providing both immediate, as well as long-term sharing of information and feedback from experiences in the field, which will impact both our brand and product evolution,” said Ben Serotta, founder/owner, SDS.

“We are a very new brand with a 45-year legacy, and the ambassador program will play a vital role in helping cyclists understand who we are, why we are and how we are different from every other brand,” said Serotta.

Having spent more than 30 years leading the evolution of modern bicycle fitting, Serotta brings his deep knowledge and experience to the SDS process, underscoring the importance of tailoring the fit of the bicycle to the individual, with one-to-one consultation with each customer.


The Duetti, designed from the ground up to be a forward-thinking road machine, leverages Ben Serotta’s proprietary and benchmark ‘Colorado Concept’ design theme. The Duetti S1 frame, which utilizes advanced aluminum alloys and manufacturing processes and is accompanied by the company’s own full carbon CC-DB-1 fork, is crafted in 11 distinct sizes offering riders with a true fit. All Duetti’s feature hydraulic disc brakes with thru-axle dropouts.

The aModoMio, a made-to-measure bespoke bicycle, gives a nod to tradition while embracing the future, utilizing an all new and updated ‘Colorado Concept’ steel tube set. The tubes come from Serotta’s long-time supplier, Columbus of Milan, Italy. Like the Duetti, the aModoMio utilizes the company’s CC-DB1 carbon fork delivering a ride unlike any other bicycle made today.

Produced adhering to Serotta Design Studio’s ethos to respect the past, challenge the present and shape the future, the aModoMio and Duetti have been optimized for 90% of the riding that 90% of today’s road cyclists undertake. The ordering process for either model includes a one-on-one interview to provide each customer with a true custom fitting bicycle.