Ben Serotta has been designing and building bicycles for more than 40 years. In that time, across thousands of conversations with cycling customers, he’s come to understand what most people want is a trusted opinion. More than anything, riders want to know what bicycle will best suit their kind of cycling so that they can just ride, confident that they’ve made the best selection. 

Serotta Design Studio values time and experience… We believe in keeping things simple and clear, which is why our product lineup is easy to understand and navigate.  Every detail and component has been considered and evaluated so your purchasing and riding experience will be enjoyable, confidence inspiring and anxiety free.

Fundamental to our philosophy is our determination to create bicycles that are exceptional in both performance and beauty, with a life cycle that supports a long time love affair between the rider and the machine. This approach continues a Serotta 40-year tradition of eschewing fluff and hyperbole for innovation that really works, delivering true authenticity in the form of products that you will believe in for years to come.

Two for the road

powerful and snappy - smooth and customized. You decide.



The bike Ben always wanted to make, but never did, until now - an ultimate-performance aluminum tube frame designed to his specifications, available in precisely designed sizes, with components configured to customer fit specifications, to deliver a custom ride for every rider. The Duetti is prepared to rival the ride and performance of any bike, made of any material. 



Serotta Design Studio's latest custom bike, constructed of Columbus steel tubing that improves upon Serotta's legendary Colorado Concept tubing, and customized to the customer's fit specifications. This is the new Serotta… custom from top to bottom.

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Human beings are tactile creatures… we love the way things feel. Cyclists know what “feel” means, a uniquely athletic combination of lively, rigid, comfortable, efficient, fast. And that feel is why Serotta Design Studio returns to performance metals—steel and aluminum—for the first of many new bicycle designs. These new bicycles are decidedly not retro; both steel and aluminum possess excellent attributes for use in bicycle frames, and Ben Serotta returns to the art of developing designs that get the utmost performance opportunity out of the materials he specifies. When configured and constructed under his specifications, these new bicycles perform like no other steel, aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber bicycles ever made. aModoMio and Duetti do not represent a compromise, they represent an epiphany.



Both Duetti and aModoMio are rooted in an inescapable 40-year legacy of Serotta Competition Bicycles (1972-2013)– the company and bicycles that carried American cycling to the world stage and in the process changed how the bicycle industry looked at bicycle frame design and materials.  

One thing that Ben has learned over the years:
It’s not about racing, it’s about the ride. 

"The reason why so many cyclists, from former racing elite to hard-core aficionados, keep returning to their now older Serotta as a favorite ride, is because of the subtle performance and aesthetic qualities that were unique to that legendary brand. Adjectives I’ve heard most from thrilled clients range from sultry to torrid to sublime to inspiring. 

While building Serotta and continuing to the present, I have maintained a highly principled, disciplined, and thoughtful approach to every detail in the design and manufacturing process with as much thought given to the details avoided as the ones applied. It’s why I can comfortably say that aModoMio and Duetti are bikes that you will cherish and revere for a long long time."  

-- Ben Serotta