Your new Serotta Design Studio product is warrantied against manufacturing and design defects for 5 years from the time of purchase. This does not mean that the life expectancy isn’t much longer. It is. But over time, the influence of normal use, abuse, environmental conditions, toxins, neglect, negligence and even minor accidents can take a toll and obscure the root causes of potential failures to the degree that they can not be determined. 

The aModoMio C18 and Duetti S1 are designed for road cycling including riding on unpaved but generally smooth surfaces. They are not intended to sustain the type of riding and abuse that mountain bikes are designed for, thus performing tricks, stunts, riding off jumps, riding over curbs or other obstacles is interpreted as willful abuse of the product. 

If at any time you believe that your product should qualify for coverage under our limited warranty and liability policy, please contact us directly and we will send along a process form which when completed and returned will be followed up by a live interview. We will make every commitment to reach a fair resolution in the shortest possible time.  

This warranty is for the benefit of the original owner only and is not transferrable. 



We want you to really ride your new bicycle and we understand that accidents happen. If your bicycle suffers irreparable damage within the first three years of ownership (to the original owner) we will make every effort to provide options that will get your bike back in service as fast as possible at the lowest possible cost. Exact costs and discounts will vary based on our replacement cost at the time of the accident.